Amabor-Ngwo in Ngwo Asa Autonomous Community, Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State, is a community of farmers. Over 50% of them are involved in broiler and egg production value chain of poultry farming. Vegetable, maize and other crops grow very well in Ngwo due to the abundance of poultry manure in the area. Crop farmers from other areas of Enugu State come to Ngwo to buy poultry manure for growing their crops for
better yield while some others come to buy poultry products for their nutritional needs. This document practically captures the success story of Dr. Cosmas Chukwuemeka Ude; a supported medium scale poultry farmer in his village of Amabor-Ngwo, on converting wet poultry droppings into dry and odourless manure that
is user-friendly and has helped farmers to cultivate all-year round while improving his income.

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